Huanghua Electrical Co. Ltd., founded in 1980, the Department of electrical and Mechanical Services Department, two Department of energy joint production of high low voltage switch equipment enterprises. In the past 30 years, switchgear and automation Huanghua Electrical Co. Ltd. has always been committed to according to the different needs of users with the high cost of transmission, transformation and distribution system solutions, through unremitting efforts and struggle of all the Chinese yellow, eventually with excellent quality and high quality service in the industry won the "famous trademark" and "star enterprise", "AAA enterprise", "good faith enterprise" and "large taxpayer" and reputation, so that the industry is moving.

Since 1990 the absolute advantage in the industry won the first national high and low voltage switchgear production order and product quality rectification Certificate (red card), Huanghua Electrical Co. Ltd. in the national urban and rural power "two nets" and reform by the State Economic and Trade Commission for the network enterprises; the company in October 2000 through the ISO9001-94 quality assurance system certification by July 2002, ISO9001-2000 upgrade replacement work, all products from design to manufacturing, warehousing and transportation from the pre-sale, sale, customer service to service each link are under strict monitoring system ISO9000; in December 2001, National Quality Inspection Administration issued the "Regulations" management of compulsive product certification, the company in 2002 first the various series of products have passed the national mandatory "CCC" certification.

Huang Hua Electric Co., Ltd. is always adhering to the "truth-seeking, innovation, civilization, enterprising" spirit of enterprise, quality and service as the cornerstone of corporate brand. For a long time, the company and the provincial power company to establish a close partnership, "CNHK" brand electric switchgear, 35kV-12kV substation, distribution automation switch and terminal device, high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, high voltage vacuum load switch components and other products are favored by users and trust, the series of products in the industrial and mining enterprises airport, railway, port, and other various fields play an increasingly important role, and has been widely used in Daqing oilfield, Shengli Oilfield, Three Gorges project, the Qinghai Tibet railway, Shougang Group, Baotou Steel, Anshan, Shendong Coal Group and other national key projects and large enterprises.

Over the years, Huanghua Electrical Co., centering on the "professionalism" of the core development strategy, to promote the development of enterprises "innovation" spirit to grow, to the "integrity and pragmatic" business philosophy to win the market and return to the society, so that enterprises in the fierce competition in the electric industry in consecutive years to maintain the steady and healthy development, has achieved good economic and social benefits, with remarkable achievements. But Huang Huaren knew that "Man Road as the iron, the more strides, the company has not stopped the cultivation of talent and the software and hardware facilities investment. For a long time, the company and the Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of science and technology and Chongqing Electrical Science Research Institute, Tianjin Institute of transmission, Xi'an High Voltage Electrical Appliance Research Institute and many other universities, research institutes have maintained close cooperative relationship; the company also has from Germany, Japan introduced the world advanced sheet metal manufacturing flexible production line; at the same time, the company invested the building covers an area of 100 acres and more than 40 thousand square meters of Shanghai Huanghua electrical high-tech industrial park in central Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone, lay a more solid foundation for further professional development.